A History Of The Penny Board

Many might suppose, from the name, that the Penny original is from the United States of America. In fact, the Penny board was developed entirely in Australia by Ben Mackay, a skater and surfer who originally dropped out of high school before completing year 12 and being told by his teachers that he would probably end up in gaol by the age of twenty one before founding a business that would go on to market the Penny board in thirty five countries around the world. Ben Mackay was a cabinet maker by trade, which gave him considerably experience working with timber. In the year nineteen ninety nine, Ben Mackay abandoned cabinet making and began to produce traditional timber deck skateboards using a press and glue machine that he had built himself, along with imported Canadian Rock Maple. Ben Mackay started off using this set up to press custom skateboards for local skate shops in his area, but before long he received his first big break. The large Australian skate distributor Kwala Skateboards took Ben Mackay on as a supplier, allowing him to rapidly expand the volume of his board production. Little did Ben Mackay know that he was very soon to change the face of skateboarding in Australia, and indeed the world, forever. Go here for further information regarding polished concrete seating. 

Rather, Ben Mackay continued to drive to local skate shops in Brisbane, Melbourne, Byron Bay, Sydney, Newcastle, and all up and down the eastern sea board of Australia during the day, trying to sell his traditional wooden deck boards. When he got home at nights, he would be out in the shed pressing more boards. Despite this hard work, at this time Ben Mackay was not making sufficient profits to cover production costs, and so from time to time he would have to work concreting Cottesloe in order to be able to afford more inputs. However, by the year two thousand and eleven, after having pressed and produced traditional timber deck skateboards for over a decade, Ben Mackay came up with the idea of the Penny board. Inspired by the cheap and flimsy plastic skateboards aimed at very young children that he rode in his early youth, Ben Mackay decided to create a nostalgic, fun, and colourful plastic skateboard, only to a high standard with quality materials. The Penny board was an almost instant success. By the year two thousand and twelve, just over a year after first producing the Penny board, it was aa smash hit not only in its native Australia, but also in the United States of America. Today, Ben Mackay and his company have branched out from just the original Penny board, also producing different variants such as the Penny nickel. Despite this, however, Ben Mackay remains adamant that the company will stay true to its plastic roots and not venture out into the traditional wooden deck skateboards that he produced in a shed for more than ten years.