How To Baby Proof Your House

The arrival of your new bundle of joy is indeed a wonderfully exciting event for everyone in your family! There are lots of things that you must do to prepare for the big day. Baby proofing your house is one of the most important tasks that you must attend to before the little one arrives. The information and details that are given in the article below will guide you during the process.

Mind the stairs

Invest in a few good and sturdy baby gates and fix them near your staircases so your baby, who will soon become an inquisitive toddler, will not brave the heights before he/ she really should! You can always get hand-me-downs from friends and family. The thing about baby gear is that people don’t use them for long as babies grow up really fast! So you will be able to find great quality items at very low cost. You yourself will be using these products only for a short time. So don’t go overboard with the expenses.

Take care of the doors

Find a good locksmith Wantirnaand get your door locks fixed higher than an average toddler can reach. Kids love to lock themselves inside rooms so don’t ever take a chance. You can also keep spare keys to all the rooms in your house in a drawer that they can’t access so you will have a way of getting them out if they inadvertently manage to get themselves locked in.Keep the phone number of a good emergency locksmith on your contact list too so you will know what to do and whom to call if an undesirable situation does come up.

Plugs and sockets

Children love to poke their little fingers into tiny cavities and crevices. And the nice round holes of your wall sockets will look incredibly attractive to them! They will naturally start to experiment with your charges and electric devices too. So make sure you buy a few good socket covers and close off all the sockets that you will not use.

Danger of the drawers

Your tots will watch you pulling out the drawers and they will instinctively start yearning to follow your lead. Make sure your drawers cannot fall out. You can use locks too so that they will not be able to pull out the drawers.

Fire alarms

Make sure your fire alarms are in great condition and do routine checks too. This is of paramount importance. Know what to do in the event of a fire too because emergencies can arise in spite of the preventive measures.

Hope you have create a safe and secure environment within your precious home to keep your loved ones protected everyday!